The Cheapskate's Guide to Vacations


2nd, Revised and Expanded
by Steve Tanenbaum

Steve, Tahiti

Steve, Cooks Bay

Moorea, Tahiti

Guide to Vacations

The "LONG" life of popular books:  Amazingly, our Cruise and Vacation Guides remained 'in print' from 2000 through 2012. At this time the guides have been classified by some sellers as "collectibles." Scores of the guides' special travel TIPS 'n TALES remain as relevant today as ever.  It seems that savvy travel advice, philosophy and $$$$ TIPS often have no shelf life!  Even better,  greatly discounted copies of our travel guides abound. As always readers of the travel guides and Newsletter have instant email access to Steve and Patty to ask any book, newsletter or other travel related questions. How to find our 'collectibel' guides? Click on "Purchases' on the above banner.

We all deserve four-star vacations at one-star prices. Forget courier and "last minute" bargain schemes. The Cheapskate's Guide to Vacations and our CURRENT Newsletter still point the way to FREE global travel and the best bargain air and land packages. Why make another trip to Mexico or the Caribbean when Tahiti's crown jewel, the island of Moorea, beckons at unheard of low prices.  Although 2009 prices are up recent  vacation package to Tahiti, including air, was available for just  $999.  Moorea has changed little since our four visits. Our in-depth chapter on Moorea will set the mood for your own island odyssey. Moorea, Tahiti is in French Polynesia and is as close to the Garden of Eden as one can possibly get. A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out this awesome aerial view of Cooks Bay and then read on...

Steve, Tahiti  

Cooks BayMoorea, Tahiti

What about bargain vacations to Hawaii, Europe, Israel and China and beyond? The Cheapskate's Guide to Vacations and recent Newsletter articles point the wayl! Here are a few more examples. Steve and Patty enjoyed eight-day vacations, including air, transfers, hotel and daily breakfast from the West Coast to London ($595) and to Paris ($675) in high season. How about a twelve-day adventure to China including air, great hotels, sightseeing, guides, buses, trains, intra-country plane flights and meals for just $999! The good news is that even now, in 2009, similar cheapskate bargains are available for YOU.

Steve & Pat's Cheap Travel Newsletter (CTN) keeps readers abreast of our latest journeys and related bargain tips.  For example, readers learned how anyone can live in Paris, in their own apartment, for less than the cost of a Two Star Hotel.  In September 2000, September 2002, July 2007 and this past Summer, June 2009 we lived in Paris in leased apartments with full kitchens at dirt cheap prices. How cheap? From about $55/day for a studio to our 2009 Paris 1,016sq.ft., 2BR apartment for just   $87/day. Seeing is believing: 

Unlike other travel books, The Cheapskate's Guide to Vacations and our always 'current'  CTN Newsletter help readers to "do it" and live their dream vacations. Critic's describe the Guide's unique view of bargain, global travel as informative and fun reading. Do you wish to explore romantic Paris, walk the Great Wall in China, bask in the sun on Maui's white sand beaches, experience an African safari, shark dive in Moorea, visit a Fairy Penguin colony on New Zealand's South Island or explore the marvels of Israel, Petra (in Jordan) and St. Katerina in Egypt's Sinai Desert? The Cheapskate's Guide to Vacations and our CTN lead the way to living your dreams at affordable prices!  There is no better proof of our globe trotting escapades than our photo galleries and links.

Lion, Kenya

Lion, Kenya


Petra, Jordan
    Petra, Jordan

New Zealand
  New Zealand

See the monster Lobster!


Royal Kahana Resort, Maui


Patty & Steve, Acropolis. Athens


Leed's Castle    London Day Trip

                   Leed's Castle

Eilat, Israel

Club Riviera, Eilat Israel

Our 2 months down under



Steve & Patty in PARIS


Fontainebleau, France

Patty, Steve & 'Jumior'

Fontainebleau, France

Egypt Pix & Info

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